Pitching books for the screen

WEDNESDAY, 18. 9. (16.00–17.00) GREEN HALL


The pitching event will present 5 notable literary works that lend themselves perfectly to adaptation for the screen. At the pitching event, which will showcase promising new publications by Slovenian authors, film producers can come into contact with the publishers and literary agents, as well as authors themselves, who hold the rights to these works.

A collaboration of the Slovenian Film Centre and the Slovenian Book Agency.

In Slovenian.    


“Inspired by Shoot the Book!, a fixture in Cannes since 2014, and Books at Berlinale, an initiative launched back in 2006, our aim is to encourage adaptations of books by Slovenian authors for the screen. As Slovenia was selected to be the 2022 guest of honour at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair, who is also a partner to the two programmes in Cannes and Berlin, there will be ample opportunity for Slovenian authors to showcase their books with filmic potential. This is a chance for Slovenia to establish a platform that can create a market for adaptations of Slovenian literary works and motivate Slovenian and international filmmakers.”