Actors Guild of Slovenia in collaboration with AIPA round-table discussion – Actor and their right

FRIDAY, 20. 9. (11.30–13.30) GREEN HALL


Compared to other countries, Slovenian actors are distinctly discriminated in terms of copyright and related rights. Under the applicable law from 1995 (!), actors have the right to remuneration for private copying only. Is an actor today really just a “performer” as stated in the 25-year-old law? The issue requires a progressive public debate and the Festival of Slovenian Film, as a central film event that brings together all film profiles, is certainly the best platform to offer a critical view on the subject.

Invited panellists include members of the Actors Guild of Slovenia, president Sebastian Cavazza, and members Katarina Čas, Branko Završan, Jurij Drevenšek, Ludvik Bagari, Maja Sever, and a guest from the Belgian organization PlayRight, Ioan Kaes. Chaired by actor Matej Zemljič.

In Slovenian and English.