Wonder When You’ll Miss Me

Wonder When You’ll Miss Me


2019 · 88 min · colour · DOLBY SR · DCP · 16:9

Italian with Slovenian subtitles.. Co-funded by the Slovenian Film Centre.

PRODUCER Petra Seliškar
CO-PRODUCERS Francesco Fei, Gabriella Manfrè, Consuelo Moschella, Yari Moschella, Fabio Nesi
CO-PRODUCTION Apnea Film (IT), Invisibile Film (IT), Casta Diva Pictures (IT), Petra Pan Film (SI), RAI Cinema (IT)


Amanda is seventeen and has a difficult past. To face the world, she has created an exuberant and politically incorrect imaginary friend who guides her through her greatest challenges: to grow up and take possession of her life. Hers is a story about courage and determination, adventurous and romantic, ferocious and yet funny. The film is based on Wonder When You’ll Miss Me, the second book by the prematurely deceased American writer Amanda Davis. A road movie pushing back physical and mental boundaries, running from the past and looking for a possible future.


DIRECTED BY Francesco Fei
WRITTEN BY Francesco Fei, Luca Infascelli, Chiara Barzini
MUSIC Erika M. Anderson … (as Ema)
EDITED BY Claudio Bonafede
COSTUME DESIGN Silvia Capra, Gaya Mugnai
SOUND DESIGN Vladimir Rakić
CAST Beatrice Grannò (Amanda), Claudia Marsicano, Dragan Mishevski (Rod), Marusa Majer (Wilma)


Director’s Statement

Amanda allows us to fully understand how strange, hostile, unknown and incomprehensible the world can be from the point of view of a teenager in our time. But the world is and can be full of hope if you desire, and sometimes you can learn to fly. This is the starting point of this film.

07/10/2020 – 21:30

Komuna Cinema

1.) Competition