Film and TV Production in the New Reality

Film and TV Production in the New Reality

The panel will discuss the business, implementation, and financial aspects of film production in the era affected by the pandemic, disruptions in international movement of people, and the precarious position of producers in terms of public funding. The panellists will shed light on various angles of the production process, focusing on international good practices and solutions that could potentially be applied in Slovenia:

  • Covid-19 measures on set, practicable and impracticable guidance, examples from the sets of films and TV series in production in Slovenia in 2020;
  • What it means for film production to be classified as a production activity rather than a service for the final consumer;
  • The implications of strictly limited international movement of people, the highly reduced scope of activities servicing foreign productions, and limited implementation of co-productions.

Organised by the Slovenian Film Centre/Festival of Slovenian Film in collaboration with the Association of Audiovisual Producers of Slovenia and the Association of Slovenian Film Producers.

07/10/2020 – 14:30

KAVARNA Hall – hotel SLON

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