Film programme


25 / 25

10. september 2018 | 12.15 MONFORT 2018, 0:07:20, colour, DCP, 1:2,35, stereo       fiction   Voyeur follows a young man who chats up women on the street.   DIRECTED BY Jan Predan Zvonar WRITTEN BY Jan Predan Zvonar DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Simon Gosnik, Zfs EDITED BY Jan Predan Zvonar PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Ana Milakovič […]


Quiet / Tiho

14. september 2018 | 18.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 0:15:00, colour, 35mm, 16:9, Dolby SRD       fiction   The film discusses violence and the lifelong consequences child abuse has on the victim. Vida is now a grown-up working as a school psychologist. When she suspects that Zarja, a 10-year-old pupil at her school, is […]


Washed Out / Spran

14. september 2018 | 14.00 MAIN HALL 2017, 0:24:45, colour, DCP, 1:1,85, stereo       fiction   Tristan wakes up to an unusual morning in which nothing is as it should be. First, his laundry detergent disappears, then his washing machine. On top of this, his unusual neighbour Klara befuddles him to the point […]


Welcome. / Dobrodošlica.

14. september 2018 | 21.00 MAIN HALL 2017, 0:02:40, colour, DCP, 4:3, silent       experimental   land)(scape. (animation of still frames)   DIRECTED BY Davorin Marc WRITTEN BY Davorin Marc DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Davorin Marc EDITED BY Davorin Marc PRODUCERS Davorin Marc, Karmen Bučar   Davorin Marc was born in Izola/Isola, Slovenia in […]


What a Man Feels / Kar človek čuti

11. september 2018 | 09.30 MAIN HALL 2018, 10min, colour, HD File, 1:1,85, stereo       fiction   Mateja, first year student of social work, lives with her mum in a house in a countryside. Despite her heavy college workload, she does most of the things in and around the house. Her mother is […]


What Remains / Kar ostane

14. september 2018 | 14.00 GLAVNA DVORANA 2017, 0:20:00, colour, DCP, 1:1,66, stereo       fiction   The light is on in the hallway. He always forgot to turn it off. A pair of stones in her hand. The remains of a life. Crumpled grass somewhere out there, traces of two bodies. How does […]


Winter Flies / Zimske muhe

14. september 2018 | 11.30 MAIN HALL 2018, 1:25:00, colour, DCP, 1:2.39, digital       fiction   Mischievously self-assured Mára and somewhat eccentric Heduš set out into the frozen wastes in search of adventure – by car, naturally. After all, Mára’s turning fifteen soon. A road movie about the flies that occasionally buzz around […]


Year of the Monkey / Leto opice

11. september 2018 | 17.00 MONFORT 2018, 1:52:01, colour, DCP, 1:2,35, digital       fiction   A political satire about a peculiar friendship between a monkey and a zoo warden, and about an upside-down world in transition as seen by a chimpanzee, who escapes from its cage and becomes a rebel hero of the […]