Mediatheque: Digitisation of the Slovenian National Television film archives

13. SEPTEMBER 2017, 11.00-13.00, GREEN HALL


In addition to a vast collection of audio and video materials, the archives of the Slovenian National Radio and Television keep a variety of films in b&w or colour that fill just short of 20 million metres of film stock, with audio recordings on separate magnetic tapes and sound track negative. Aiming to preserve the archive and save it from decay, the national broadcasting organisation has established the Mediatheque, a new department tasked with building a central digital archive for permanent storage of audio-visual works. In 2016, film digitisation began, and the process is estimated to continue for another 20 years. Before films can be digitised, the physical medium on which they are recorded – i.e. film stock – needs to be restored by hand. In the Mediatheque, this process is referred to as the rehabilitation of the film material. During digitisation, the “once and for all” principle applies, requiring high quality standards to be adhered to. After digitisation and a quality control procedure are completed, the material is saved in a data storage system for permanent storage, while the department documentalists catalogue and inventory the material, to allow for subsequent access to the digitised data for further treatment (restoration) and use (according to the OAIS international standard).
Very importantly, one needs to distinguish between digitisation and restoration of the digitised image. This is the only way to meet all applicable international archival standards of preserving the best possible approximation of the analogue image recording (the digital original). Using this digital original, various versions can be made at any future point by means of a digital restoration process, to be used for varying purposes (screening in theatres, TV broadcast, online viewing, etc.).



Panellists: Franci Strehovec, Bojan Kosi and Martin Žvelc.
The presentation will be followed by a discussion.