AIPA: Digitisation and copyright

14. SEPTEMBER 2017, 13.00-16.00, GREEN HALL


13:00–14:30 networking lunch, Avditorij terrace 

14:30–16:00 expert panel, Green Hall
Due to an illness of mrs. Cristina Busch, expert panel at 14.30 is canceled! (but networking lunch is still on the schedule!)
New technologies encourage and give rise to innovation, which, in turn, opens up new business opportunities and processes, thus altering the traditional ways of working and collaborating. The panel will bring together relevant experts to tackle the issue of the implications of digitisation for individuals involved in the making of audio-visual works, and help us recognise both the new business opportunities and the pitfalls this entails.
The main challenge faced by those working with audio-visual materials is the so-called value gap or, in other words, value transfer: i.e. the considerable disproportion between the profits made by new online audio-visual platforms, and the remuneration that those who create this content manage to receive.
How to make it, how to act and run your business, what to pay attention to – all these questions will be addressed at the Digitisation and copyrightpanel, which AIPA is organising in collaboration with the Slovene Association of Cinematographers (ZFS).
Joining us will be acclaimed expert Dr Cristina Busch, legal advisor for the European Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO).