Balkan Whispers / Šum Balkana

13. september 2017 | 14.30

2016, 75′, colour, Dolby SR, DCP, 16:9




documentary / musical road movie


What happens when contemporary improvised music forms ties with Balkan street musicians?

Tomaž Grom, Slovenian double bassist, composer, improviser and researcher of acoustic potential, took his van and began to look for collaborators on the streets of Maribor, Zagreb, Tuzla, Novi Sad, Priština, Tirana and Skopje.

Balkan Whispers is constantly on the brink of misunderstanding, getting lost along paths that are not to be found in contemporary sat-navs. However, despite all obstacles, Balkan street musicians eventually get together for a contemporary music gig.


DIRECTED BY  Boris Petkovič
WRITTEN BY  Boris Petkovič, Tomaž Grom
MUSIC  Tomaž Grom
EDITED BY  Boris Petkovič
SOUND DESIGN  Julij Zornik
SOUND RECORDING  Mirella Habr, Aleš Emlyn Smolej
PRODUCER  Boris Petkovič, Mirella Habr
PRODUCTION  Zavod Kineki


Boris Petkovič (1971) Graduated from the School of Transport in Portorož in 1996. In 2005 he graduated in Film Directing from EICAR Paris, where he continued to teach the following three years. In 2008 he returned to Slovenia, where he currently lives and works.