Holding our breath and watching films

Despite the fact that it’s Saturday, the festival knows no rest. On the contrary: there are still movies competing for awards until evening, talks with the authors are held in the green hall and the atmosphere in the cafe could not be any livelier.


At the same time, the preparations for the evening award ceremony are underway. That is when we learn who received the highest mark in the opinion of the viewers and which films and their creators managed to convince the jury.


Today’s list of films surely helps time pass faster until the ceremony; the morning projection opened with Panorama VII, followed by documentary films Nara Petrović = Human (Boris Petkovič) and Selfie brez retuše (Vinci Vogue Anžlovar). The afternoon film order is as follows: at 16.00 the short film  Fishing by Jan Cvitković and the feature film Comedy of tears by Matko Sosić. At 18.00 we will be screening the feature documentary film Deckument (Matej Lavka, Andro Kajzer, Miha Brodarič, Nina Vrhovec).


As all of today’s projections are held in the movie hall, do not let the fickle weather deter you from visiting. Inside in the warm confines of Avditorij you can greet today’s ceremony in the embrace of fine films.