A special screening Friday

At FSF Friday serves as an overture for the weekend full of films, questions on when the jury’s decisions will be made public, who will receives the audience award, who awed the jury, who will receive the rewards and for everything else this festival brings: films, talks, lectures, presentations, socializing, special projections and music events.
We will start the afternoon with student and short films, followed by a feature film Buoyancy (Klemen Dvornik) at 16 o’clock. At 18.00 we will be bringing you a short animated film Farewell (Leon Vidmar), and shortly thereafter a feature film Mother by Vlado Škafar. We will be moving to amphitheater at 20.30, where a projection of a youth film Nika (Slobodan Maksimovič) will be held.
The evening promises to be something special, as we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Slovene Cinematheque in the main hall. We will commemorate this special occasion with a projection of the film Ita Rina – A Film Star Who Turned Down Hollywood (Marta Frelih). Afterwards, the hall will be transformed into a concert hall, where a cinema-concert entitled In the Family Garden 3 (Bratko Bibič) will be held.