Night Bird / Nočna ptica

11. september 2017 | 10.00

2017, 7′, colour, stereo, HD File, 1:2.35




fiction / youth/children comedy


It is never advisable to put off your homework until the next morning, especially if you need to write an essay and your sister takes batteries out of your alarm clock.


DIRECTED BY  Andraž Žigart
WRITTEN BY  Andraž Žigart
EDITED BY  Andraž Žigart
SOUND DESIGN  Andraž Žigart
CAMERA  Andraž Žigart, Aleš Ljoljo, Matej Žigart
SOUND RECORDING  Aleš Ljoljo, Matej Žigart
PRODUCER  Andraž Žigart
CAST  Ema Žigart (Ema), Andraž Žigart (Andraž)


Andraž Žigart is a Year 3 student of Drama and Theatre at the Secondary school of Arts, Ljubljana, and has been pursuing his interest in cinema since the beginning of high school education.
His recent films include Varuška, Somnium, O (Best Director and Best Film awards at Transgeneracije), Night Bird (Youth Jury Award at Videomanija), Šah (special Jury Mention at 11th international festival ZOOM). He has also participated in the making of Anže Testen’s film Odor of Decomposition , the recipient of the Jury Award for Best Film at the Videomanija festival.