On His Own – The Portrait of Jože Babič / Sam svoj – portret Jožeta Babiča

15. september 2017 | 18.00

2017, 101′





Jože Babič, theatre, film and TV director, founder of theatres (Ptuj, Trst, Nova Gorica) and, towards the end of his life, also a film lecturer at the AGRFT, Ljubljana, would be celebrating his 100th birthday this year.
Having named its only award for excellence in directing after this great artist, the National Television has been committed to making a respectful tribute to his creativity as well as the artistic excellence of his heritage. This commitment has naturally resulted in a presentation on film of at least part of what numerous contemporary followers of Jože Babič’s poetics have gathered in order to celebrate his memory.


DIRECTED BY  Slavko Hren
WRITTEN BY  Slavko Hren
DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Stojan Femec, Egon Parteli, Željko Ivančič, Mišo Čadež
EDITED BY  Rastko Radenković
SOUND DESIGN  Marjan Drobnič
SOUND RECORDING  Samo Kozlevčar, Marko Tajić, Frane Povirk
PRODUCER  Denis Miklavčič
PRODUCTION  RTV Slovenija – Documentary Programmes