The Leaving of Siddhartha / Sidartov odhod

16. september 2017 | 19.00

2017, 8′, b-w + colour, digital,
HD File, 16:9




fiction / music


Siddhartha was 29 when he left his comfortable life. Was his mind busy with many thoughts as he was walking towards the unknown? With thoughts of doubt and fear, but also determination and will?

Kristijan Krajnčan, drummer, composer and director, uses improvisation and image to explore his feelings towards this mythological story, while wondering about man’s eternal – cyclical – search of happiness.


DIRECTED BY  Kristijan Krajnčan
WRITTEN BY  Kristijan Krajnčan
MUSIC  Kristijan Krajnčan
EDITED BY  Kristijan Krajnčan
SOUND DESIGN  George Dumitriu
SOUND RECORDING  Leonardo Grimaudo
PRODUCER  Kristijan Krajnčan
FEATURING  Kristijan Krajnčan


After completing a secondary school of music in Ljubljana Kristijan Krajnčan (1986) moved to the Netherlands, where he graduated from the Prince Claus Conservatoire and earned his master’s degree in Film Music from the Amsterdam Conservatory. He has directed several music videos and short films, the most prominent of them being And Suddenly It’s Evening, which premiered at the 2015 FSF.