My Car! / Moj avto!

16. september 2017 | 14.30

2016, 3′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9




fiction / action comedy


A martial arts master gets into a fight with the man who was supposedly stealing his car.


DIRECTED BY  Aljaž Tepina
WRITTEN BY  Aljaž Tepina
MUSIC  Albert Khasanov
EDITED BY  Aljaž Tepina
SOUND DESIGN  Aljaž Tepina, Tim Žibrat
PRODUCER  Aljaž Tepina
CAST  Sanel Kašibović (Man in a white sweater), Branko Ristić (Man in a black sweater)


Aljaž Tepina, Slovenian writer and director, has earned his master’s degree in Visual Communication, focusing on film language, from the Sabancı University, Istanbul. While studying he worked as an assistant and academic researcher, whereas today he seeks to establish a balance between commercial and personal projects. He is also the programme director of Student Cuts international student FF. His primary focus is on film language, particularly camera movement, sound design and clever editing.