Ksana / Ksana

12. september 2017 | 18.00

2017, 82′, b-w + colour, Dolby SRD, DCP, 1:2.35




fiction / drama


David, actor, and Roman, construction worker, are half-brothers who reunite after years of estrangement for their father’s funeral. Their shared memories take them on a journey along the river, to the mountains and the sea where their father used to take them and where they experienced their happiest moments. Hoping to rekindle their somewhat forgotten brotherly-friendly relations, they set off along the same paths. What begins with a superficial mask of shared happiness, soon turns into brotherly rivalry, envy, anger and resentment.


DIRECTED BY Dejan Babosek
WRITTEN BY Dejan Babosek
MUSIC Anže Palka
EDITED BY Dejan Babosek
SOUND DESIGN Miha Rudolf, Uroš Usenik
CAMERA Dominik Istenič
PRODUCER Dejan Babosek
CO-PRODUCTION Snaut Produkcija
CAST Jan Bučar (Roman), Primož Vrhovec (David), Igor Spasič (Father), Vesna Kuzmič (Mother), Žak Drobnič (Roman aged 11), Ian Spasič (David aged 6), Philip Burt (Director), Ajda Smrekar (Actress)


Dejan Babosek (1976) has been interested in various types of creativity from an early age, from painting, music, writing and photography to film. Having completed secondary school, he went on to study history and theology, but after attending a film workshop, he no longer wanted to study at all. He dedicated his creativity to the production and directing of music videos (around 500 so far) and films. He is currently developing his third feature, Fear, adapted from the eponymous short.
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