Animals Are Special Effects / Živali so posebni učinki


12. september 2017 | 15.45

2017, 11′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9




experimental / adventure drama


A girl is stuck in the in-between space from her previous life to her future birth. In order to be able to be born again, she has to untie the bond with her ancestors. Trapped amidst water, air, earth and fire she is dreaming, projecting and visualizing images from her past and future, which leads her to the very beginning of her existence.


DIRECTED BY  Sandra Jovanovska
WRITTEN BY  Sandra Jovanovska
MUSIC  K. N. N. T., Čuški Peleni, Busty Blury Blue
EDITED BY  Sandra Jovanovska
PRODUCTION DESIGN  Sandra Jovanovska
COSTUME DESIGN  Sandra Jovanovska
SOUND DESIGN  Sandra Jovanovska
CAMERA  Ivan Antić
SOUND RECORDING  Ivan Antić, Sandra Jovanovska
PRODUCTION  Akademija umetnosti UNG
CAST  Sandra Jovanovska, Ivan Antić, Slavko Jovanovski


Sandra Jovanovska is a multimedia artist working in arts and culture. She is a selector for the MakeDox festival and is currently finishing her Master’s studies in Animation and Film in Slovenia. In her creative work she is fluctuating between digital and analogue media, frequently using the method of recycling.