A Long Journey for the First Steps / Dolga pot do prvih korakov

15. september 2017 | 20.30

2017, 15′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9




documentary / drama


Authentic experience of Palestinian children and parents upon arrival to Slovenia as part of the humanitarian project Rehabilitation of children, victims of war in Gaza. The focus is on Baylasan, aged 7, and her mother Amal, with their shared wish: That Baylasan could walk like other children.


DIRECTED BY  Ratko Stojiljković, Julia Minet, Jasmina Mustafić
WRITTEN BY  Ratko Stojiljković, Julia Minet, Jasmina Mustafić
CAMERA  Julia Minet, Rosa D’Alessandri
PRODUCER  Tom Gomizelj
PRODUCTION  Luksuz produkcija
FEATURING Baylasan M.S. Hijazi, Amal L.M. Hijazi


Ratko Stojiljković, Julia Minet and Jasmina Mustafić were participants of the film school that was part of Blizu vas, a project executed in Ljubljana between November 2016 and June 2017 by Luksuz produkcija and Terra vera.