Why Is Istria So Gloomy / Zakaj je Istra tužna

14. september 2017 | 16.45

2017, 12′, colour, stereo, digital, DCP, 16:9




animated / musical


“The day when he was creating Istria and the Istrian, God was in a very bad mood,” says Nelda Štok Vojska in her short story Why Is Istria So Gloomy. This is a story of a poor Istrian whom God predicted hard work on poor soil and quiet loyalty to ecclesiastical and political masters rather than a bright future. During a heavy storm, the Istrian resorts to the Holy Trinity, asking for mercy.

This short story was the basis to bring to life as an animated story the medieval frescos in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje.


DIRECTED BY  Koni Steinbacher
WRITTEN BY  Koni Steinbacher (po kratki zgodbi Nelde Štok Voljske)
MUSIC  Aleš Lavrič
EDITED BY  Koni Steinbacher
SOUND DESIGN  Aleš Lavrič, Koni Steinbacher
PRODUCER  Koni Steinbacher


Koni Steinbacher (1940) began to make short animated films in tandem with Janez Marinšek. In the years 1976–86 he made several films on his own, and in the years 1987–89 he made, together with Marinšek, the animated series Kače.