Muri the Cat – Going for a Walk / Maček Muri – Sprehod

12. september 2017 | 14.00

2016, 11′, colour, Dolby SRD, DCP, 16:9




animated / musical family/children


Having invited Maca for lunch for her birthday, Muri heads into town. On his way to the main square of the Cat City, he has a mishap and urgently requires help of seamstress Mica. She gives his case an emergency treatment, herself hoping for Muri and Maca to get together. However, there seems to be no end of complications: fleeing from policemen Mucelj and Macelj, bandit Čompe also comes rushing into her shop. What has he done this time?


DIRECTED BY Jernej Žmitek
WRITTEN BY Jernej Žmitek, Sandra Ržen, Boris Dolenc
MUSIC Jerko Novak
EDITED BY Jernej Žmitek
DESIGN Matej Lavrenčič
BASED ON A BOOK BY Kajetan Kovič
PRODUCER Jure Vizjak
VOICES Marko Mandić (Muri), Polona Juh (Maca), Jernej Šugman (Čombe), Jurij Zrnec (Mucelj and Macelj), Violeta Tomič (Mica), Bojan Emeršič (Mijalko), Janez Hočevar (Marko)


Through the years, Jernej Žmitek (1981) has worked on a number of flms, commercials, music videos, and animated promotional videos in solo and collaboration projects. For his debut, Zippity Zappity, a short animation for children, he received a number of awards and invitations to international animated film festivals across Europe.