Film programme


Catican / Catican

12. september 2017 | 15.45 MAIN HALL 2017, 2′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9       animated / fantasy   The roles are switched, and humanity comes to be ruled by cats and religious tyranny. We follow the final day of a man and the process of hegemony.   DIRECTED BY  Asja Trost, Mery […]


City of Light / Mesto svetlobe

15. september 2017 | 16.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 68′, colour, stereo, DCP, 16:9       documentary   A well-established writer fights his family demons while the dreamers on top of the hill struggle with their health and hope for good fortune. A successful businesswoman has plenty of the latter; still, when her daughter’s singing […]


Codelli / Codelli

16. september 2017 | 14.30 MAIN HALL 2016, 85′, b-w + colour, Dolby SRD, DCP, 16:9       documentary / biographical   Codelli is a feature-length docudrama about a little-known film project by Slovenian inventor Baron Anton Codelli. Together with filmmaker and adventurer Hans Schomburgk he filmed in Togo in 1914 the first live-action […]