The Amphitheatere, a roofed open-air venue, has 1777 seats and can accommodate up to 2300 people including standing room. Next to the venue is a café.
The Main Hall, of Avditorij Portorož seats 479 people, and is equipped to facilitate even the most technically complex events.

The Amfitheatre and the Main Hall are where this year’s film programme is shown.

The White Hall is a perfect venue for art exhibitions and press conferences. During the festival, it will host the two press conferences and Q&As with filmmakers.
The Green Hall is a place to be used for lectures, seminars, or as a congress office. This is where the industry events will be held.
This year, the festival has two additional venues:
The Beach Cinema, with free screenings daily from 11 to 15 September, at 9 pm. In case of rain, the screenings will be cancelled.
The Kempinski Festival Club as a meeting place for filmmakers, guests, and members of the media.