Film programme: Panorama programme


The Bridge / Most

15. september 2017 | 09.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 16′, colour, stereo, HD File, 1:2.35       fiction / fantasy drama   A film about adolescents and about how each individual should assume responsibility for their actions. It shows how a series of innocent events based on game and provocation can have serious and tragic […]


The End / Konec

14. september 2017 | 12.00 MAIN HALL 2016, 75′, colour, stereo, DCP, 16:9       documentary / drama   A widowed grandma, a funeral orator, a cremator. There is little we can or are able to say about death; therefore we speak of life.   DIRECTED BY  Vid Hajnšek WRITTEN BY  Vid Hajnšek DIRECTOR […]


The Leaving of Siddhartha / Sidartov odhod

16. september 2017 | 19.00 MAIN HALL 2017, 8′, b-w + colour, digital,
HD File, 16:9       fiction / music   Siddhartha was 29 when he left his comfortable life. Was his mind busy with many thoughts as he was walking towards the unknown? With thoughts of doubt and fear, but also determination and […]


The Sky / Nebo

15. september 2017 | 18.45 MAIN HALL 2017, 9′, colour, stereo, HD File, 1:2.35       fiction /  drama   Before embarking on a long journey, Alja has to say goodbye to Iris.   DIRECTED BY  Juš Premrov WRITTEN BY  Juš Premrov DIRECTO OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Andraž Jerič EDITED BY  Juš Premrov, Dominik Mencej COSTUME […]


The Stricken / Sestreljeni

12. september 2017 | 09.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 25′, colour, stereo, DCP, 1:1.85       documentary / drama   A personal account of a family who lost a loved one, husband and father, in the shoot down of an unarmed helicopter on the first official day of the armed conflict during Slovenia’s war of […]