Fiction Feature Films


Perseverance / Vztrajanje

15. september 2017 | 22.45 AMFITEATER 2017, 110′, colour, stereo, DCP, 1:1.37       fiction /experimental   Are unspoken memories what shapes us into who we really are? Perseverance is a mosaic narrative on events that have left a lasting mark on the lives of the protagonists. Each story is a reflection of thoughts, […]


Sly Foxes / Stekle lisice

13. september 2017 | 19.00 MAIN HALL 2017, 85′, colour, stereo, DCP, 16:9       fiction /action drama   Lovro, a rocker from Pohorje, Džon to his friends, a bachelor in his late thirties, has become victim to modern business machinations: after he failed to get his papers in order in time, the land […]


The Miner / Rudar

15. september 2017 | 20.30 AMFITEATER 2016, 102′, colour, stereo, DCP, 1:1.37       fiction / biographical, historical   Having been assigned to open a walled-in pit, a miner from Zasavje finds much more than a deserted mine behind the wall. Through the eyes of an immigrant, the film uncovers a dark side of […]


A Dream / Privid

15. september 2017 | 18.45 MAIN HALL 2016, 112′, colour, Dolby SR, DCP, 1:2.35       fiction /drama   After the war Marko, a former war reporter, moves from Ljubljana to Pristina, to work for an international organisation. One evening in a bar, he meets three girls: Shpresa, Besa and Hana. Shpresa seduces him […]


Men Don’t Cry / Moški ne jočejo

13. september 2017 | 22.40 AMFITEATER 2017, 99′, colour, digital, DCP, 1:2.35       fiction /drama   When two decades after the war, a diverse group of war veterans gather in a remote mountain hotel to undergo therapy, harmony can hardly be expected. On the contrary, each inconsiderate word, each seemingly angry look can […]


Ksana / Ksana

12. september 2017 | 18.00 MAIN HALL 2017, 82′, b-w + colour, Dolby SRD, DCP, 1:2.35       fiction / drama   David, actor, and Roman, construction worker, are half-brothers who reunite after years of estrangement for their father’s funeral. Their shared memories take them on a journey along the river, to the mountains […]


Ivan / Ivan

13. september 2017 | 20.30 AMFITEATER 2017, 94′, colour, Dolby SR, DCP, 1:2.35       fiction /drama   After a young woman Mara gives birth to Ivan, a chain of unexpected and nerve wrecking events begins. Ivan’s father Rok, a married businessman whom Mara obsessively loves, is missing. When she finds out that Rok […]


The Basics of Killing / Družinica

14. september 2017 | 20.30 AMFITEATER 2017, 95′, colour, 5.1, DCP, 2.39:1     fiction / drama   The focus is on the disintegration of an idyllic relationship between parents, Marko and Dunja. This is due to a lack of respect, caused by loss of employment and a financial breakdown. In time, the parents are […]


Ana’s Commission / Anina provizija

16. september 2017 | 19.00 MAIN HALL 2016, 100′, barvni, DCP, 1:2.35, DIGITAL       fiction /crime drama   The frame of reference for Ana’s Commission is the current (Slovenian) phenomenon of tycoon (white collar, casino banking) related scandals. The focus is on photographer and designer Ana Mlejnik and her personal intimate drama triggered […]


Future: Open / Futura: Na odprtem

13. september 2017 | 11.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 99′, b-w + colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9       fiction / social satire   I, PADRE. The fiIrst man, Creator and Dictator of all dictators rules the promised land of the future, the FUTURE country, where People Hens with the memory of fish follow the […]