Film programme: Animation Short Film


Tell Me; Redrawn / Dej povej; Zrisan

14. september 2017 | 14.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 5′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9       animated /romance   A story of uncertain love set in a surrealist train journey. The aim was to explore traditional animation methods that make digital animation convincing: to combine the principles of composition, narration, storyboard, editing, animation and […]


The Box / Celica

14. september 2017 | 22.45 AMFITEATER 2017, 12′, colour, Dolby SRD, DCP, 16:9       animated / fantasy   A small cage is brimming with curious creatures with at heads, who spend their days in bored slumber. One day, a very different creature sprouts from a tiny sapling, full of life and energy! While […]


Self-portrait / Avtoportret

12. september 2017 | 14.00 MAIN HALL 2016, 16′, b-w, stereo, HD File, 4:3       animated / biographical   Director’s view of the first three decades of his life.   DIRECTED BY  Mitja Manček WRITTEN BY  Mitja Manček DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Mitja Manček EDITED BY  Mitja Manček CHIEF ANIMATOR  Mitja Manček PRODUCER  Mitja […]


Rebellious Essence / Uporni duh

15. september 2017 | 09.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 5′, colour, stereo, HD File, 16:9       animated / youth comedy, satire   A story of bureaucratic complications at the Cats Affairs Office when a cat appears there who has been prevented from having an official document issued because of its sexual identity.   DIRECTED […]


Martin Krpan / Martin Krpan

15. september 2017 | 14.30 MAIN HALL 2017, 24′, colour, stereo, DCP, 16:9       animated   Back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a man of extraordinary strength named Martin Krpan lived in the village of Vrh by the Holy Trinity. He made a living by transporting, with the help of his […]