Accompanying programme


Program Akademske televizije bo v živo prenašal vsakodnevne zajtrke z avtorji in strokovne dogodke.
At this year’s Festival we will show: Šumanović – A Comedy of an Artist (Tuesday at 17.00) and Ita Rina – A Film Star Who Turned Down Hollywood (Friday at 22.30).
A group of registered participants will meet daily in a relaxed festival atmosphere to watch films and engage in in-depth discussions, which will ultimately result in writing film reviews. Their texts will be discussed and polished through debate with the mentors, who will provide constructive criticism, as well as comments and guidelines for the works in the making.
Produced as a collaboration of the Slovenian Cinematheque, S.K.O.M. Association, and the Festival of Slovenian Film, the exhibition aims not only to provide a comprehensive insight into the oeuvre of production designer Dušan Milavec as a celebrated film professional.